Shira and Tsahar

The first thing I started to look for after getting engaged was the photographer. And the first one I found was Alexey. I looked at all the pictures, read the testimonials and was blown away. I of course looked at many more photographers afterwards, but always came back to his website. I was captured by the emotions in the people’s eyes that shined through the photos. I felt as if I was there and could only imagine how my own wedding day would be. Having Alexey with us the whole day was so easy and fun. There was no pressure, no awkward moments and no phony posing. It felt natural and we were laughing and it turned out to be so romantic. During the ceremony and party, we didn’t even feel that he was there, but I was confident Alexey captured it all. I am so excited and happy to know that we have these gorgeous photos. The memories and emotions are captured perfectly forever.

Rachel and Steve

We loved working with Alexey. He was always discrete and professional, yet great fun to be with and we were totally relaxed with him. 
Each shot he has taken is innovative and beautifully conceived, and he has captured all the joy and emotions of our special day in a truly unique and magical way. We can't thank him enough for helping us to create such wonderful memories.
Rachel & Steve xx

Masha and Ohad

Well, This review will be short. Every word further will be unnecessary. Masha has chosen Alexey right after their first meeting, and all i had left to do is to say yes... The day after the wedding, while we still in shock, we knew that Alexey and his team were the right decision. Usually you don't remember a lot from the "D-Day", but one thing we remembered immediatly - we knew that Alexey has managed to capture every special moment from our wedding. Alexey is calm, knows the job, and the most important he is a real artist with unique point of view. He made us feel easy and relax before and during the wedding. We are Extremely recommend on Alexey as your wedding photographer, It may be more expensive than the other "regular" photographers, but yet it'll be the best investment you can do. You can't screw up up with Alexey, count on us! Ohad & Masha.


Alexey was picturing wedding with Jessy. When we received the photos after the wedding we were absolutely delighted, I might even say that all my possible expectations were exceeded. He managed to capture great moments full of true emotions. He did a truly professional and artistic work. I have to say the truth: me and Jessy hate to pose to photographers, we feel not natural at all in front of the camera. And Alexey was aware of this fact. So he suggested that he will do a photo reportage. The pleasure of this genre, that you can forget from the beginning of the wedding that there is a photographer somewhere, you can relax and enjoy your special day, while Alexey will certainly find his way around to celebrate with you and do his job.

Richard Jochum

There are many talented photographers in Israel, but we were determined in finding someone with extensive experience, an eye for detail and who has more to offer than just shooting nice family photos, in short we wanted the 'best'. Alexey was that person and more. We were more than satisfied with what Alexey delivered and after receiving the images of our wedding we knew that we chose not just one of the best wedding photographers in Israel, but also an artist. Thank you so much Alexey...

Liah and Alexey

Alexey is definitely the best. He was absolutely amazing - he spent the entire day with us and you could tell that he really enjoys what he does. He made it fun to take pictures. At the ceremony and reception, he took pictures so discreetly I didn't even notice he was there most of the time. He really captured the best moments. I love the pictures, and I am having a hard time picking my favorite because there are so many great ones. Thank you!!!!

Yael and Semyon

We just would like to give a lot of thanks to Alex for our amazing wedding photos. Hi is a very unique photographer and can capture all special moments to reflect the complete feel of the wedding. All emotions are there and we can go through them again when looking at those photo albums. Thank you so much for providing the pictures to us so quickly - it was good to share them with friends and to get lots of compliments. We feel lucky and grateful to have known such great talent like you!

Inbal and Amit

Working with Alexey was an absolute delight every step of the way. He is warm, extremely professional, and most importantly, an incredibly talented photographer. Alexey works hard and it's clear he loves what he does and that is why he excels at. During the wedding prep and wedding itself, Alexey was always present but was discreet so that we felt completely comfortable with him -- there was no feeling of paparazzi or awkwardness even during some of our most intimate moments. After the wedding, we were totally blown away by the final product. Not only did Alexey capture all of the small details of the wedding, he truly captured all of the raw emotion, chemistry and energy in the air. His photos are beautiful and artistic and we could not have been happier. Working with Alex was an absolute pleasure and we could not recommend him more highly! Thank you Alex!


For me, it was not a hard decision at all to decide on Alexey to capture our special day. I might have been the pickiest bride when it came to finding a photographer who had a real solid artistic touch, and who could also capture our personality as a couple. Alexey did that and more. He's great to work with and I felt really comfortable with his presence there for every moment of the day/night. Was so happy to find a real artistic point of view, not just a photographer that does the same tired wedding pics. Thanks Alex!!


Alexey took beautiful photographs for our engagement photo shoot in the desert. He (and Beccy Blue) worked hard to create a unique setting and story, and even went to the desert at 4am to make it happen. All along the way he encouraged us to be ourselves and feel natural, and the photographs turned out beautifully

Lauren and Eilon

Being a bride planning her wedding 5,000 miles away can be extremely difficult- especially when making such a personal decision as a wedding photographer! Luckily, we found Alexey through Hatunot and hit a home run in the photography department. From the beginning, Alexey was very accommodating with all of my emails, Skype meetings, and silly questions. The day of, he was there with me and my closest friends/family and not only captured so many special moments but also was a pillar of calm and support- so much more than I could've imagined. From beginning to end both my husband and I were impressed with his professionalism, pleasant energy, and artistic eye. We are thrilled with the photos that we have to remember the day by and feel like we made a friend in Alexey as well. If you are getting married in Israel and are looking for a photographer who will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and capture your day with a unique eye- then he's your guy.

Asaf and Iris

Ok, besides the amazing photos that you can probably see for yourself in his website, we're talking about a really talented photographer that only after we got the photographs back we realized that he was everywhere without being noticed. From the first moment he arrived, he didn't stop taking pictures and every photo was special and artistic. In addition, he succeeded creating awesome pictures from people that do not like their photo taken (to say the least...) and was a great partner in this important day.

Mor and Ido

מציאת הצלם לחתונה שלנו היה החלק הכי מאתגר עבורי.חיפשתי בכל מקום: בבלוגים, בפייסבוק, קיבלתי המלצות מהחברים שכבר התחתנו, והמלצות מקצועיות מחבריי ומוריי מלימודי הצילום.הגעתי לעשרות צלמים וצלמות, כולם מוכשרים להפליא, ורק התבלבלתי יותר.ראיתי צילומים מדהימים אך ברבים מהם, זה הרגיש לי שכל חתונה אותו דבר, וזה נראה שהחתן והכלה הם רק ניצבים.כחודש לפני החתונה כבר כל השאר האירגונים נתפרו בהצלחה, אך על צלם לא הצלחנו להחליט. חיפשתי צלם שכל חתונה שהוא מצלם מספרת סיפור ייחודי משלה. ואז הגעתי לצילומים של אלכסיי והתאהבתי. היה לי נעים שיכולתי לראות באתר שלו תמונות שצולמו מתחילת החתונה ועד סופה, חתונות מכל רחבי הגלובוס, וכל סיפור אהבה כזה שונה ויפה מקודמו.בפגישה איתו גיליתי אדם נעים וצנוע, שענה בסבלנות לכל שאלותיי הרבות.צלם שאוהב מאוד את עבודתו והתשוקה לצילום עדיין בוערת בו. הרגשתי בטוחה שהוא יתייחס ליום החתונה שלנו באופן אישי, שיתעד את היום הזה במקצועיות ורגישות נדירה. אלכסיי ליווה אותנו מהבוקר עד שעות הלילה באהבה וחיוך תמידי ומרגיע. הרגשנו מאוד בנוח עם נוכחותו. הוא לא ניסה לביים אותנו, אלא פשוט השתלב בטבעיות.אלכסיי עמד בכל האתגרים שלנו, כולל נסיעה של שעתיים מחוץ לגבולות תל אביב, צילום קבוצתי של כל אורחי החתונה (כן, כן, ביחד), תאורה חלשה בשעות הערב, וכלה ביקורתית שממש לא אוהבת להצטלם...לאחר שקיבלנו את התמונות ידענו שבחרנו את אחד מצלמי החתונות הטובים ביותר בישראל. היה לנו ברור שנאהב את התמונות מהחתונה שלנו, אבל לא ציפינו לתוצאה כזאת מהממת. קבלנו סט מדהים של תמונות, והבנו שהוא היה בכל מקום מבלי שנבחין בו. הכל היה מתועד למרות שאלכסיי היה צלם יחיד. הוא שם לב לכל הפרטים הקטנים וסיפר בתמונות את סיפור יום החתונה בדיוק כפי שהיה. הצבעים נראו "קריספיים", כל הרגעים המיוחדים תועדו ברגש רב, והקיטש שבכל יום החתונה הפך לחלום בעזרת קומפוזיציות מפתיעות, ושימוש מיוחד ואומנותי באור.התמונות הרגישו והריחו בדיוק כמו היום המרגש שלנו.אלכסיי עבד קשה מאוד (היה איתנו 12 שעות + 4 שעות נסיעה), הוא אחראי ורציני גם בעבודה שלו וגם ביחס אישי ורגיש, והאנרגיה המרגיעה שלו הופכת את הכל לקליל וכיפי ביום הזה. אנחנו מרגישים ברי מזל על הזיכרון היפה שנשאר לנו מהחתונה.תשקיעו בצילום החתונה שלכם, אלו הזכרונות שנשארים מהיום המיוחד הזה.ממליצים באהבה גדולה עדו ומור


ד עכשיו אנחנו מקבלים מחמאות על התמונות המהממות שאלכס עשה בחתונה שלנו. תשומת לב לפרטים קטנים, אכפתיות ומקצועיות שלו פשוט הדהימו אותנו! בן אדם מאוד אחראי ורציני גם בעבודה שלו וגם ביחס אישי שהוא נותן לכל זוג. הוא רואה את היחודיות של כל אחד ויודע לבטא זאת ע"י המצלמה. עשינו ביחד גם את החתונה וגם צילומי love story שהיו מיוחדים מאוד והשאירו לנו זכרונות נהדרים לכל החיים.אלכס בהחלט אורח מאוד נכבד בכל חתונה, ממליצה בחום!