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in VINSTA we believe that video is the most effective way to attract consumer's attention to your product.  There are a lot of researches that show increasing popularity of video content in Instagram and other social media. 

Other researchers claim that video content has the best return on investments  for social media marketing efforts. Also, they prove that 73% of consumers have been impacted by Social Media brand's presence when making a purchase decision. 

Statistic analyse say that  only 10-30 seconds of video are seen by 80% of Instagram users. After 30 seconds numbers drop dramatically (about 50% skip the rest of video) and only 30% can stay engaged till the 1 min.  

That is why we sure you need only SHORT VIDEOs for the social media. 



Instead of creating one long video we create a number of short video. It takes us the same time and it will cost you almost the same money (a bit more then one long clip because it is more editing). But after one photography day you will have video content to post every week for 2-3 months.

Take a look at examples and contact us. We will try not just to create videos. We can help also with creativity strategies for your Instagram presence.   Feel out the form below: 



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